Things You Need To Know About Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, United StatesMadison Park Technical Vocational High School can be your right place to start your new level of education as your secondary education level. Before you decide to apply the application to the vocational school, there are some information you need to know about the school. In addition, there are many reasons why most of the parents choose to put their son or daughter to vocational school. The main reason is because this school is the right place for you to start earlier step before entering the competitive professional world. In fact, the vocational school offers you with various programs and helps you learn and improve your skills and competence. It helps you prepare yourself to your excellent career possible. Below, we will show you think you may not know about High Madison Park Technical Vocational High School.

For your information, the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School is the public vocational technical high school that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. This school is the only vocational high school in the Boston city. And, this technical vocational school is part of Boston Public Schools. It is known as a large school which can accommodate approximately 1,000 students from grade 9 to 12. In addition, Madison Park High School actually has vocational training courses which are categorized into 2 academics based on the career. First, Communication, Technology, Health Hospitality Academy includes television production, medical assisting, marketing, hospitality, health assisting, dental assisting, graphic communication, culinary arts, cosmetology. Seconds, Civic Infrastructure Academy consists of Automotive technology, Carpentry, Electrical, Metal Fabrication, Automotive collision and repair, and plumbing.

Things You Need To Know About Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, USABeside academic program, the Madison Park High School also have sport program. There are various sport programs that every student can participate with some required actions. For the students who want to join the team should possess a 1.67 GPA and the percentage attendance should cover more than 93%. School also requires, an update documentation of physical examination of potential students. The sport teams that you can participate are soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, swimming, ice hockey, cheerleading, football, and baseball. In addition, this vocational school also has Marine Corps JROTC program. It starts at the beginning of the school year. All the students have the chance of taking Marine Corps JROTC in the site Physical Education (PE) course. This program will educate about the Marines history, train their physical skills and also learn life skills.

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